Storage Size

Whether you may be seeking a storage unit to hold your business inventory, looking to temporarily store your personal belongings, or wanting a safe and secure place to preserve your valuable collectibles, we have the most optimal and affordable storage choices ready and waiting for you. Maybe you have a towable camper, a pair of jet skis, or a prized motorcycle that you’d like to protect from the elements of the changing seasons. We have multiple options available for every need. To help you determine the storage space that be most ideal for you, here are the size dimensions and approximate recommendations for what you can typically fit into each unit:

1. Our 5 x 10 unit features a standard walk in door and can hold the roundabout equivalent of a generously sized walk in closet. Depending on what you may be looking to store, this unit can easily hold a combination of multiple chairs, a couch, mattress set, chest of drawers, boxes, or a desk. This unit is ideal if you are currently renting an apartment and would like a place to store extra furniture, or you’re wanting to preserve and store items that you plan on using in your future home, or maybe you have a collection of textbooks from college or medical school. This unit is exceptionally affordable and budget friendly at a low rate of $40.00 per month. We also offer a convenient and affordable insurance policy for this unit at an additional monthly cost of $7.95 which provides coverage for up to $1,000.

2. The 10 x 10 unit 10 x 10 $72.95 has a standard walk in door is half of a standard sized one-car garage space. This unit can typically hold the amount of furniture in a one bedroom apartment such as a couch, a small kitchen table set with chairs, a chest of drawers, a refrigerator, a queen sized mattress set, a computer desk, a small book shelf, and several standard sized boxes. Some of our 10 x 10 units have multiple doors which proves to be extremely convenient when needing to access various items in your unit rather than having to shuffle items around to create an alternative pathway. All the units feature a ceiling height of 12 feet so we highly recommend using only sturdy boxes and bins so that you are able to stack the items in your unit safely and optimally. We also suggest stacking boxes and bins no more than four or five high, and also advise you to place boxes on top of well made furniture whenever possible. Don’t forget to label your boxes on all sides for ease of identification. Our 10 x 10 unit is available to you for the affordable monthly price of $72.95 which includes insurance coverage of up to (((???)))

3. Our 10 x 16 unit is just a few feet smaller than a standard sized one car garage, with substantially higher ceilings. We recommend this unit if you are needing to store the furnishings of a two bedroom apartment or a small house. Such as a stackable washer and dryer, microwave, bookshelves, couch or loveseat, credenza, small kitchen table and chairs, living room furniture, queen sized bed and mattress, and multiple stackable boxes. Our 12’ ceilings make convenient storage a breeze by stacking all of your sturdy boxes and bins safely and in an organized fashion. Some of the larger units have been modified with additional doors so that you can access your items easily without having to move everything around. This unit can also be potentially ideal if you have oversized furniture. Featuring an overhead door opening that is 8 feet in width and 7 feet high, this unit is available for a low monthly price of $82.95 which includes maximum insurance coverage of up to (((???)))

4. The spacious 10 x 21 unit is the typical size of a standard one car garage. Whether you are wanting to preserve your restored classic car and protect it from the outside elements or temporarily store the furnishings from your home, this unit can give you back the functional use of your home garage space. With more than enough space to hold three full bedrooms of items, you will have 24/7 access to 210 squared feet that is optimally ideal for sectional couches, upright pianos, large entertainment centers, and multiple large sized boxes. This unit will also easily store your kitchen table and chairs, bedroom sets including dressers and night stands, and hang up clothing boxes. We recommend taking full advantage of our 12′ ceilings by using sturdy boxes and stackable bins. You can also maximize your storage space by stacking bins and boxes on top of strong well built furniture. Featuring two convenient overhead doors in the front and back of the unit that are both 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall, our 10 x 21 storage space is a low monthly cost of $102.95. This prices includes total insurance coverage for up to (((???)))

5. We also have several extra large storage units available for affordable monthly rental. These units are potentially ideal for storing business inventories of substantial size, small towable campers, multiple vehicles, and a select number of RV’s and motor homes. These units are also perfect if you are looking to store the furnishings, appliances, and decor from a home that is 3,000 square feet or larger.

-Our 13 x 26 unit features a 10 x 12 overhead door opening with a second entrance from the back of the unit. This unit is a monthly rate of $142.95 including insurance coverage of up to (((???))).

-Our 13 x 35 unit has an overhead door opening that is 10 feet wide and 12 feet high and also features a second entrance from the back for exceptional convenience. This unit is $192.95 per month which includes insurance for up to a maximum of (((???))) in coverage.

Here at Tulsa Security Storage, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect storage accommodations no matter what your storage needs may be. We invite you to give us a call today so that we can make you our next exceptionally satisfied customer!