Storage Features

Storage Features


We understand that for many people, the moving process can be a stressful experience that comes with a to do list that you don’t have time to complete, unexpected difficulties, and unpredictable expenses that you didn’t factor into your budget. We can transform your anxiety and frustration into an experience that will be pleasant and even memorable- in a good way, of course! We have put together an efficient system that will put the fun back into the concept of relocating your family and your valuable belongings. We want to provide total peace of mind for our customers who are choosing to store their possessions on our property and that is why we have taken extensive measures to ensure the highest quality of security possible. Whether you’re storing your items with us for only a short time or you plan to keep storage space for several years, you can rest assured knowing that we are intentionally taking every course of action to maintain utmost security on your behalf.

For our customers who are looking to store possessions on our premises, we offer a wide variety of options to meet every need. We are also happy to make suggestions on optimal ways to store your items so that they will remain safe and dry and maintain their full value. Here are some things that are easy and convenient to keep in your storage unit:

1. Mattresses- you may have recently replaced your mattress, and maybe your old mattress still has plenty of life left in it. Instead of creating a bulky and unsightly stumbling block in your house, why not transport it to storage? There may come a day when you suddenly have a need or a use for it, and it will be clean, dry, dust free, and waiting for you! We strongly recommend wrapping your mattresses securely and snugly in a fitted mattress bag or thick plastic to keep freshness in and moisture out.

2. Furniture- many of our customers store furniture with us. Whether it’s a valuable piece, an old favorite, or just a good ol’ trusty item that a family member or friend will definitely use again someday, your storage unit is a great place to keep it. Because extra furniture is something that usually takes up too much space in your house, it’s a prime candidate to keep in storage. When storing couches, it is advisable to not stand them up vertically even though it may technically give you more space in your unit. Storing couches horizontally prevents any shape distortion or moisture absorption. When it comes to furniture that can be taken apart, we recommend doing so in order to create additional space and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Dismantle your kitchen table, put the hardware in a Ziploc bag, and tape it to the bottom of the table. If you have a master bedroom suite that you still dearly love and want to preserve, we suggest taking it apart and alleviating continual stress on the bolts and screws while creating more space for your storage convenience.

3. Clothing- do you have several bins filled with gently used baby clothes? Have your kids outgrown their clothing because the growth spurts just keep on coming? Maybe you have a collection of business attire and you plan to get back ‘into the game’ in a few years. Or maybe you’ve been collecting shoes to take to the local shelter, clothes to drop off at an orphanage, or other general items that you’d like to donate. There’s no need to throw them away but it’s also unnecessary to clutter up your house or jeopardize your functional living space. Bring them to your self storage unit and keep them conveniently organized until they’re ready to be delivered.

4. Collectibles- are you a baseball fan? Do you collect coins, stamps, or comic books? Maybe you have a beloved selection of old vinyl records or music memorabilia. Whether it be old books, video games, action figures, or the rock collection you created as a child, your storage unit is the ideal place to keep your collectibles safe, dry, and secure. When storing collectibles wrapped in newspaper, keep in mind the possibility that the ink can potentially transfer to certain items over time.

5. Appliances- extra appliances can take up precious amounts of space in your house or garage. When storing your appliances in your unit, be sure to clean them out thoroughly and keep the doors ajar so that they are able to breathe. When storing cooking equipment, be sure that all food remnants are completely cleaned out. This will prevent the attraction of bugs and rodents which can potentially infest and ruin your belongings.

In addition to these potential items, we recommend that you make a list of all items stored in your unit. Keep receipts as well so that in the unlikely event of a break in or a fire you are able to provide sufficient proof of your storage unit contents for full insurance coverage. Keep your receipts and the list of your storage items offsite. Also, if you are storing valuables in your unit, place them in an unsuspecting location. Should a break in ever happen, they will not be likely to find your valuable items.

If you have questions regarding items that you would like to store, don’t hesitate to call us today at 918-289-0880. We encourage you to store anything and everything that you would like to with us including RV’s, trucks, motorcycles, cars, jet skis, and even boats. We want to ensure absolute maximum security for all of your possessions so we recommend selecting the most ideal storage option that will enable us to keep your items completely safe and bring you complete peace of mind. We also recommend that you take precautionary measures to secure your large items such as boats and RV’s so that nothing can be tampered with in the unlikely event that an unwanted guest tries to trespass onto our property.

We firmly prohibit the storage of explosives of any kind, chemicals (such as gasoline, paint, oil, and propane tanks), perishable foods, live plants, and all live animals.