About Us

Here at Tulsa Security Storage, we fully recognize that your belongings are valuable to you, and so therefore they are valuable to us. We understand the frustration and apprehension that can often come with the process of moving, towing, and storing your possessions. It is our top priority to set your mind at ease and give you customer service that will please you exceptionally, amenable options that will satisfy your every need, and affordable prices that you will be more than happy to pay. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help you in navigating your storage or moving needs and how we can help you:

What can I store in my unit?


Our current customers store a wide variety of items including furniture, bedding, appliances, clothing, business inventory, books, decor, and collectibles such as vinyl records and antiques. We also store larger items such as vehicles, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, and a selection of RV’s and motor homes.

Is there anything that I’m not permitted to store in my unit?

We strictly forbid the storage of explosives of any kind, narcotics, potentially flammable chemicals (such as gasoline, paint, oil, propane tanks, or anything that may be prone to leak), perishable food, live plants, or any type of animal.

How do I pay my monthly bill?


We have several payment options but our most popular and convenient option is monthly automatic withdrawal. You can set it up easily on our website through the online portal or we would happy to assist you in person at the office. We have a wonderful team of employees who are ready, willing, and waiting to help you during business hours. Additionally, we are proud to employ a top notch group of telephone support individuals who can assist you during off hours as well as on weekends and holidays. Be sure to ask our team about our other payment options.

Do you have recommendations for the best way to store certain items?


Absolutely! Storing your things properly will ensure that they retain their optimal value. These are the recommendations we give for the items that are most commonly placed in our storage units:

We do not recommend standing couches up on end vertically as this may warp their shape or cause them to retain moisture. Take apart any furniture that you can to alleviate pressure on the joints. Dismantle kitchen tables and bed frames to create more space in your unit. Appliances should be stored with the door slightly ajar for optimal breathability and to eliminate a musty smell from developing inside. Cooking equipment should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent rodent and bug infestations. If you are using newspaper to wrap items, remember that the ink will transfer on to certain surfaces. If you are storing precious valuables, it is advisable to put them in an unexpected place so that they would not easily be found in the unlikely event of a break in. Mattresses should be wrapped in thick fitted plastic to keep bugs and moisture out.

Do I have to buy insurance for my storage unit?


Obtaining insurance for your storage unit is not technically required, but we do strongly recommend it. Unlike most storage units, we are proud to offer a selection of conveniently affordable insurance policies and coverage options depending on the size of the unit that you decide to rent. Ask your current insurance company if they offer coverage for storage units. This is most frequently referred to as ‘off-premises’ personal property coverage and may be included in your homeowners policy. Again, insurance is not mandatory, but having a protective policy in place can bring you much comfort knowing that your precious belongings are completely covered, even in spite of unexpected circumstances like tornadoes, fire damage, smoke damage, burglary and theft, earthquakes, wind damage, water damage, explosion damage, and pesky vermin infestations.

How can I be sure that my stuff will be safe on your property?


The safety and security of your valuable possessions is our absolute top priority so we have taken substantial measures to guarantee maximum safety in order to protect your items and give you complete peace of mind. We employ an elite team of Witness Security IT specialists who examine our security camera footage extensively and on a daily basis. In addition to this we have highly trained security guards patrolling the expanse of our property on a nightly basis. They are continually ensuring that all doors are locked and that suspicious activity is immediately apprehended, reported, and handled appropriately.

Why should I do business with you and not the guys down the street?


We are confident that the services and prices we offer are substantially better than anything else out there! We are Veteran Owned and Operated, We are owned and operated by Tulsa’s Most Trusted Security Company. Here are 10 ways that we go above and beyond on a daily basis:

1. Our property is clean and secure. We spray for bugs regularly and thoroughly clean each storage unit immediately upon vacancy. We also sweep our parking lots weekly with magnets to pick up any metallic debris that may possibly cause damage to your vehicle.
2. Our security camera system is state of the art and our security staff is highly trained and prepared to handle any type of potential emergency situations.
3. We offer an excellent selection of insurance options for your premium coverage needs.
4. You won’t find a moving company that is more prepared, more convenient, or more affordable. Whether you’re moving down the street to to another country, we’ve literally thought of everything so that you don’t have to.
5. We have a storage unit that is guaranteed to suit your needs and your budget.
6. We have a friendly staff of helpful enthusiastic folks who are ready to make you our next exceptionally satisfied customer.
7. We offer 24/7 access to our rental vehicles so that you can pick up and drop off at your convenience.
8. You will find that our location is conveniently close to major highways and nearby stores.
9. We keep a variety of supplies and accessories stocked and ready, including packing paper, tape, boxes, dollies, hand trucks, and furniture pads.
10. The first month’s cost of your storage unit can be only $1!!!