I recently had the opportunity to visit the office of Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. To say the least I went away extremely impressed. Let me explain further. I am a retired police officer with almost 30 years of experience. During my career I have responded to countless alarm calls. Some alarms were very accurate, but many proved to be false. Almost all of those were hard wired systems that could often be defeated by cutting outside wires. This often resulted in unfortunate circumstances for those who thought they were protected. What impressed me about the alarms that Witness Security is installing is the ability to access your home alarm system (Tulsa Security) via your mobile device as well as a keypad installed in your home. I discovered that the Tulsa Security systems are not the ordinary alarms that you normal would find in Tulsa that I used to see. The technology has improved to a point that the average household can now own an alarm system that in the past were cost prohibitive with exception for large government agencies, corporations or the wealthy.

The best part about them is, these security systems are run through a secure Verizon, AT&T or T-mobile cellular signal that can also be set up with a hardlined internet back up signal. The Tulsa Security systems offer much more than most people would have ever imagined. Not only can you monitor your alarm system and view your cameras from your mobile devices, but the smart technology today gives you the ability to control your overhead garage doors, thermostats, and lights along with many other options depending on how much you wish to spend. A basic system provides motion sensors as well as trigger points at access doors and windows should you desire. What amazed me was the fact that you can pull up your camera system or access your security alarm from another state or even another county while you are away.

A Tulsa Security System provides peace of mind to the homeowner or business owner that is priceless. With a camera system you have the ability to check at any time to see what is going on in your home or business. Below is a simple list that you might find useful. Want to make sure your kids arrived safely home from school and are doing their chores or homework you need only check your mobile device. Maybe you wish to see what your favorite pet is doing while you are away From a cop’s perspective: How about checking up on your teens who have an uncanny habit of inviting friends over while you are out.

I responded to several house parties that started out innocent enough, but before the teen new it some one invited somebody else and before you know it the party is on in full force complete with a raid on the parents liquor cabinet. You would be astounded at some of the disasters I discovered at so called innocent house parties. the damage in some cases was in the thousands of dollar range. Turn that into your homeowners insurance and see how sick they drop you. Speaking of insurance; most insurance companies give you a break on your premiums if you have an alarm system installed in your home. The alarm systems are also monitored by a call center who will dispatch the police to your residence in the event of an alarm that is not canceled by the home owner.

In addition to your basic alarm you can also have your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monitored. Today’s Tulsa Security alarm systems even allow for cameras to be installed at your front door so you can see and even talk to whoever is at your front door. Can’t get to the front door; no problem. You can remotely let them in from your mobile device. Having a large package delivered by your favorite delivery company and you don’t want to leave it outside? Remotely open your garage door and close it when they are through. If you are like me and you have a tendency to lock yourself out of your house or forget your password; no problem. Call the alarm company and they can get you Into our home. Your alarm system is on the fritz due to a recent power outage; again all you have to do is call Witness Security, a Tulsa Security system and in almost every case a technician can remotely reset your system with your permission from their computer or mobile device.

During my career I worked hundreds of burglaries and thefts. Many of these could have been prevented had the homeowner had a, Witness Security (Tulsa Security) alarm or a camera system. It has been my experience that the bulk of crimes are perpetrated by the few active criminals that are out there. Once we catch a criminal we more often than not discover that they are responsible for more than one crime. Early in my career, my department arrested a juvenile male who was responsible for over a hundred home burglaries. You might say he was a criminal entrepreneur. The lad catalogued his crimes and literally had a warehouse containing the fruits of his crimes he had yet to sell off. IF this teen would have spent as much effort towards a legal enterprise I dare say he would have been a millionaire by the time he was thirty. Instead he was tried as an adult and spent most of his adult years behind bars.

As a former cop I know all too well that it is impossible for us to be everywhere. Yes sometimes we are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to thwart a crime in progress, but all too often we get there after the fact. I can tell you from experience that I would rather see a crime thwarted before it occurs than have to take the report and see the pain and sense of violation that a victim experiences after a crime is committed.

I stated previously, the options are almost endless and as technology improves even more I am sure the home protection industry will grow along with it. While it is almost impossible to stop every burglar or thief, a Tulsa Security can make it is possible to make your home less of a target. Most criminals are looking for the easy score so they are more apt to pass your home by if they see or know it is protected. Our homes are are castles and the modern alarm system is the mote that protects it. If you live in the Tulsa area I highly recommend the folks at Witness Security for your (Tulsa Security) home and or business security needs. They are professional and have a long standing reputation for protecting homes in the Tulsa, OKlahoma region.